COCOfiber is a natural dietary fiber derived from coconut meat after fat extraction, as a byproduct of coconut milk processing. Because of its delicate physical processing, COCOfiber is distinguished not only by its natural dietary fiber content, but also by its excellent sensory properties, making it a versatile functional ingredient.

  • Nutrition – enrich fiber composition with 65% fiber content from natural coconut fiber
  • Good acceptance – natural image for high consumer acceptance and clean and clear for labelling
  • Texture – improve overall texture of food matrix and more juiciness due to high water binding capacity
  • Yield – increase product yield and overall cost reduction from excellent water binding capacity

BRAND PROPOSITION Our brand promise is based on leveraging the natural coconut fiber to create more value in every product and to provide sustainable solutions.


Now,it is available in both 500 micron and 1000 micron size.
  • COCOfiber 1000 :10 kg in multiwall kraft paper bag
  • COCOfiber 0500 :20 kg in multiwall kraft paper bag


Reformed meat
Plant-based meat
Frozen meal
Frying coating
Pureed food

A ready-made mixture of ingredients combined in a set proportion to ensure consistency and quality in the final products

  • Increase quality and production consistency
  • Simplify raw material procurement
  • Add privacy and protection to formulation
  • Reduce production complexity and cost
  • Streamline label compliance and usage rates
  • Reduce cost in R&D for new product

BRAND PROPOSITION We offer you a business solution to help improving the product quality and operation time while balancing the nutrition value and tastiness for each premixed formula.


Regular pack size
  • 20 kg (1 kg*20 bags)
  • 20 kg (20 kg*1bags)
Remark: Please contact us for customized pack size


Meat specialties

As we know about the coconut value, we have tried our best to develop plant- based snack that comes with both nutritious and yumminess. Our product made from natural coconut fiber and good source of pea protein through baking process to offer the health benefits, crispiness, and crunchiness for every bite.

Product Benefits

Product variants

Original flavor

Satisfy your healthy snack cravings with the natural sweet and salty taste of the combination between coconut fiber and pea protein that you ever met before

Smoky BBQ flavor

Let’s enjoy our healthy snack, which offers you a favorite tasty BBQ flavor with smooth BBQ aroma that perfectly matched with coconut & pea-based snack.